A Final Reunion in Dublin                       

An Invitation To The Hide-and-Seek Children and their families and others

Irish school teachers tell children about the Nazis and the Holocaust.  They are very interested in your stories and to hear about your connection with Ireland. So HETI has arranged a Public Meeting on May 1st as the culmination of the Reunion. This is to introduce my book and your stories to a wider public. I hope you will come to assist me in doing so on the premises of the impressive Royal Dublin Society.


The programme has been most thoughtfully designed by Holocaust Education Trust, Ireland (HETI), together with the Irish Jewish Museum and the involvement of the Irish Jewish Community, to encourage you to join us there. Older members of the Jewish community and people of Delvin still have memories of the group and the part they and their parents played during your stay in Ireland. 

The timetable allows for lots of opportunities for informal gatherings. Do bring any photos or memorabilia from your past to show each other. And, most important, please spread this invitation to any others interested.

Look up web sites on Clonyn Castle and Delvin, about Dublin and the Royal Dublin Society.


Please consider staying at Bewley's Hotel at Ballsbridge. The management is offering a 10% reduction if we make a Group Booking. Current rates with reduction were £67.50 per person per night in a double room,

£85.50 with breakfast on April 28, 29 & 30th & March 1st

£98.10 with breakfast, £80.10 without.

Ask them for an update. Please email us for details of how to obtain the discount.


Hillel (David) Rosenfield found special packages offered via Expedia. at Bewleys Hotel Ballsbridge .(These involve fixed flight times) and he says Aer Lingus has return flights to Dublin from Luton at £53. He is coming from London with his son, Jake. So are Jerry (Gyorgy Prissagi) and Sonia Weiser from California and Murray Lynn (Alfred Leicht) from Atlanta, Georgia   - and he will show us his film.


Let us know soon!  

Further details will follow with names of everyone who plans to join us – and any further details.

Best wishes from   Lynn Jackson   and   Barbara Barnett

Please Reply to: hideandseekBB@gmail.com    AND    info@hetireland.org