A Candle in the Heart: Memoir of a Child Survivor

by Judith Alter Kallman, Wordsmithy LLC, 2011

This is the autobiography of Judith Mannheimer,  a fascinating extension of the story she contributed to the “Hide-and-Seek Children”.


Remember Us: a collection of memories from Hungarian Hidden Children of the Holocaust

contributing editors: Judy Abrams and Evi Blaikie, Authorhouse, 2011


We Remember: Child Survivors of the Holocaust Speak

The Child Survivors Association of Great Britain, 2011

Copies of "We Remember" can be ordered from their  website

Rabbi Schonfeld is mentioned several times and there are some Slovak and Hungarian stories.


In Darkness

A Polish film (with English sub-titles) nominated for an Oscar in 2012.

The true story of 21 Polish Jews who escaped the Nazis by living for over a year in the sewers below the Lvov ghetto. Among them were the Marguiles couple who later produced delicious meals for the Hide-and-Seek Children.

See page 109 and the book on the story on page 473.