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November 2018

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May 2017:
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Goldman Sachs acquires Clonyn Castle

November 10.2016:

Only now come to light: interesting details about the formidable Olga Eppel

(Olga Eppel was the Administrator of Clonyn Castle Children’s Home 1948/9)

Despite extensive research in preparing this book I failed to trace any details about the earlier working life of this exceptional woman -  but It was evident she had extensive administrative experience.

This week  I heard from  her great-nephew, Professor Alan Eppel. in Canada.  He has come across an old letter from his uncle Victor - who was Olga’s nephew. 

He wrote about   "…….Olga, Daddy’s younger sister, who had she lived today would have been
called a liberated woman. She had a heart of gold and the obstinacy of a mule. She and Daddy were of a type, proud, imperial and full of Eppel hubris (insolent pride). … Olga was difficult but
I repeat had a full heart . She  held many positions in her life . 

She was  Secretary to the Irish Free State Commission - the organisation that  was set up to arrange independence from Britain in 1922.  Many years later, Victor as a medical student was caring for a senior British Civil Servant in his final hours. This man heard the name Eppel and asked
if he were related to Olga ,“ a very difficult woman”  - and promptly expired…..

During the war she worked in the British Army as a Sergeant Clerk..One day the officer in charge of her section said “ It’s a pity that Hitler  did not kill all the Jews” .  Olga proceeded to throw a bottle of ink over his head. . She explained to the Commandng Officer at  her Court Martial that she joined the Army to fight Nazis and did not mind if she found them in Gernany or England.  Case dismissed.

She worked in a volunteer operation to give hospitality to G.I’s ,  Through this work she became a
personal friend of  Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and after the war received a letter of commendation for her work.

After the war she was the Organising Secretary of the Tuberculosis  League of Israel and was 
instrumental in the establishment of many branches in England and  Dublin.